New Year’s Eve in Warsaw in 2022

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The city council decided not to organize an official New Year’s Celebration 2022 in Warsaw third time in a row. This time however the reason is not Covid, but the financial crisis that affected the budget of Warsaw. This is not unusual, as except for Katowice and Zakopane, most big cities in Poland canceled their new year’s events. So, what are your options for New Year’s Eve celebration in Warsaw if you happen to be in the city?

New Year’s Eve in Warsaw Old Town

Even though there won’t be any concerts in the Old Town, people will gather there anyway. You should not show off drinking alcohol, but a glass of champagne at midnight will not provoke the police to give you a fine. Fireworks are legal, but we encourage you not to use them, as they frighten animals.

Free New Year’s Event in Warsaw Koszyki Hall

Although most restaurants have prepared a party or at least some celebration that you need to buy an invitation for, there will be also at least one free event in Warszawa – New Year’s Eve celebration in Koszyki Hall

New Year's Eve in Warsaw 2022
New Year’s Eve in Warsaw

Hala Koszyki is a historic market and food hall located at 63 Koszykowa Street in Warsaw. It has worked since 1909 and now serves as a mixed-use retail and commercial facility with offices, bookstores, elegant bars, and gourmet restaurants. On the New Year’s Eve, the management prepared a free event that involves a concert of well-known Polish Singer: Reni Jusis. The event will start at 7 pm and lasts until 4 am.

Christmas Market in Warsaw in 2022
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No other free events have been announced, but you may check the clubs in the centre if they allow you to enter straight from the street.

Paid events on New Year’s Eve in Warsaw

Other events seem to be paid for, and you need to either book a ticket in advance or pay more at the door. Their prices range from about 50 PLN to over 2 000 PLN. You may find the list of events here. Alternatively, just look for “Sylwester w Warszawie” in Google or Facebook.

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