New Year’s Eve in Katowice 2023

written by Maciek Bogdanski

In 2023, the New Year’s Eve celebration in Katowice agglomeration will take place in Pola Marsowe of Slaski Park in Chorzow, another city in the agglomeration. The park is located just between Chorzow and Katowice.

This Year New Years Eve near Katowice will take place in Pola Marsowe in Chorzow

New Year’s Eve in Katowice 2023

The New Year’s Eve celebration in Katowice will be organized by Polsat TV. What may you expect from the party? Well, the simplest answer is: a concert that will last for a couple of hours. In better times you could expect some international bands or singers, but due to the crisis, this year the line-up is mostly limited to Polish performers.

New year’s eve in Katowice 2023 line-up

But so far, although the line-up is impressive for the Polish public, I doubt you’ve ever heard of any of the performers. Below we present some of them to you.

Matteo Bocelli

Mateo Bocelli is considered to be the main star of the event, and he will perform at midnight. However, he is not very popular in Poland, and I doubt if anywhere else.


Kayah was very popular until 2010, but hasn’t had any big hits since then. Her more successful album was Kayah&Bregovic, recorded with Serbian composer Goran Bregovic.

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Just like Kayah, Urszula is a bit fading star. Her best album, “Biala Droga” was published in 1996. However, she still has a lot of fans,


There is only one Queen, and her name is Doda, as they say. She is now more celebrity than singer, though she may be back on track soon, as her latest album was just released. During the New Year’s Eve in Katowice, she will perform with Smolasty, a young Polish singer and rapper. They will surely sing their recent hit “Nim zajdzie slonce”

Lady Pank

Another legend, which I would compare to Polish Rolling Stones. They have been on stage for over 40 years, and their popularity hasn’t lowered even for a while.

Dawid Kwiatkowski

Dawid Kwiatkowski is very popular among young audience, and is sometimes called “Polish Justin Bieber”. He will perform with his brother – Michal Kwiatkowski

Other artists that will perform during the New Years Eve Celebration in Katowice will include Majka Jezowska, Oskar Cyms, Kuba Szmajkowski, Golec uOrkiestra, Feel,

Tickets to New Year’s Eve celebration in Pola Marsowe

So far there is no information about tickets, but the entrance to the event is expected to be free. It is possible that you’ll need to get a free ticket if the number of people is somehow limited, but so far we are waiting for confirmation.

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