New Year’s Eve in Katowice 2022

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Before Covid, citizens of Katowice could celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spodek – a big sport and entertainment hall. However, in recent years it was moved to Slaski Stadium with limited audience. In 2022, the New Year’s Eve celebration will take place in Pola Marsowe of Slaski Park in Chorzow, another city in the agglomeration. The park is located just between Chorzow and Katowice.

This Year New Years Eve in Katowice will take place in Pola Marsowe in Chorzow

New Year’s Eve in Katowice 2022

The New Year’s Eve celebration in Katowice will be organized by Polsat TV. What may you expect from the party? Well, the simplest answer is: a concert that will last for a couple of hours. In better times you could expect some international bands or singers, but due to the crisis, this year the line-up is limited to Polish performers. At least so far, because there are some rumors that organizers want to contract a world star pop singer – Shakira.

New year’s eve in Katowice 2022 line-up

But so far, although the line-up is impressive for the Polish public, I doubt you’ve ever heard of any of the performers. Below we present some of them to you.


Lemon (stylized: LemON ) – Polish – Lemko – Ukrainian music band, founded in 2011 on the initiative of vocalist Igor Herbut. The band’s name is a combination of the Lemko region “lem” (just) and the English “on” (on), loosely translated as “just turn on”. They were awarded many times and recorded 4 albums, but have limited their activity after 2017. They sing in Polish, Ukrainian and Lemko language.

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Michal Wisniewski

Michal Wisniewski has been very popular since the late 90s as the leader of “Ich Troje” band. The rock band was very popular, though not valued highly by critics. He took part in some reality shows, provoked a few scandals, and was one of the first people in Poland who declared bankruptcy (still drives expensive cars, though)


There is only one Queen, and her name is Doda, as they say. She is now more celebrity than singer, though she may be back on track soon, as her latest album was just released. You may expect some pop/rock songs from her.


Bajm is a legend in Poland, though now mainly popular among older audiences. Expect to hear some calm ballads.

Lady Pank

Another legend, which I would compare to Polish Rolling Stones. They have been on stage for over 40 years, and their popularity hasn’t lowered even for a while.

Big Cyc

Not as old as Lady Pank, but still a legend, This rock band’s songs are full of humour and irony (Big Cyc means “Big Boob” in Polish). They laught at the stupidity of politicians and absurds of life in Poland.


Cleo became famous as a side vocal for Polish rapper Donatan in his hit “My Slowianie”. They later represented Poland in Eurovision with this song, but without success.

Dawid Kwiatkowski

Dawid Kwiatkowski is very popular among young audience, and is sometimes called “Polish Justin Bieber”.

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Ralph Kaminski

Ralph Kaminski has worked hard to become one of the best Polish artists. he was rejecten in many talent shows, but never resigned from singing. His career sped up in 2019, when he won several prizes. His appearance and support for LGBT makes him almost invisible in pro-goverment media.

Other artist that will perform during the New Years Eve Celebration in Katowice wil include Grzegorz Hyży, Ania Dąbrowska,
Enej, Feel and Bryska.

Tickets to New Year’s Eve celebration in Pola Marsowe

So far there is no information about tickets, but the entrance to the event is expected to be free. It is possible that you’ll need to get a free ticket in the number of people is somehow limited, but so far we are waiting for confirmation.

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