Things to do in Poznan

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Looking for things to do in Poznan? Look no further! Located in the heart of Poland, this vibrant city is full of culture, history, and charm. From exploring its stunning architecture to indulging in its delicious cuisine, Poznan offers an array of activities and attractions for every type of traveller. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the top Poznan attractions, so you can make the most of your visit and experience all that this wonderful city has to offer. Let’s get started!

Old Town

Walking around Poznan Old Town is among the most popular things to do in Poznan. It was set up in 1253 and hasn’t changed its borders since then. The Old Market (Stary Rynek) which is the centre of the Old Town is one of the biggest city squares in Poland. Furthermore, is one of the most colourful squares. In the middle of the Stary Rynek there is Poznan’s City Hall, now serving as Poznan History Museum. On the City Hall tower, every day at noon, two goats, symbols of Poznan, headbutt.

Things to see in Poznan - Poznan Old Town
Poznan Old Town

Ostrow Tumski

Ostrow Tumski is the only island on Warta River that lies within Poznan borders. This place is very important for Polish people, not only those living in Poznan. Ostrow Tumski was the first centre of power in Poland, and an influential centre of Christianity. Ostrow Tumski in Poznan is the place where Mieszko the First, the first ruler of Poland, lived. It is also one of the sites believed to be the place where he was baptized. Now, the most significant place in Ostrow Tumski is the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul. This is the place where Polish King Przemysl II was buried, and presumably also Mieszko the First and Boleslaw Chrobry – the first crowned King of Poland.

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Things to do in Poznan - Ostrow Tumski
Ostrow Tumski in Poznan
Poznan - Ostrow Tumski Chapel
Poznan – Ostrow Tumski Chapel where polish Kings are buried

Gate to Poznan (Porta Posnania, Brama Poznania*)

Gate to Poznan is a modernistic place that tells the history of the Polish state and Ostrow Tumski. You may enjoy the exhibition and then walk through Ostrow Tumski with an audio guide (8 languages available). They also prepare many events, workshops, concerts and other activities.

Poznan - Porta Posnania
Porta Posnania

*Brama Poznania, except for the meaning “The gate to Poznan” also means “Gate to knowledge”. Both translations describe the place well.

Old Brewery Shopping Mall (Stary Browar)

Don’t be misled by its name. It is indeed the old brewery building, but it’s far more than the shopping mall, it is one of the best things to see in Poznan. It was bought and developed by Grazyna Kulczyk, a Polish billionaire and art collector. Old Brewery won dozens of prizes in many categories, including “Best shopping mall in Europe” and “Best shopping mall in the World”. In its interior, you’ll find pieces of art, exhibitions, concerts. You may even visit it with the guide.

Old Brewery Shopping Mall in Poznan
The Old Brewery Shopping Mall

Imperial castle

Imperial castle in Poznan was built in Neo-Romanesque style at the beginning of the XXth century, for William II, the German Emperor. During the Second World War, it served as one of many Adolf Hitler’s residences. It was then largely rebuilt. The castle was partially destroyed in the end and after the war. Now it houses the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznan – one of the largest cultural institutions in the country. Parts of the castle may be visited.

Things to do outside Poznan Old Town

Eat St. Martin’s Croissant (Rogal Swietomarcinski)

St. Martin’s Croissant is a sweet symbol of Poznan. It is a certified croissant full of white poppy seeds, nuts, almonds, and raisins. The croissant is coated with sugar icing and nuts. Its weight varies from 150 to 250 grams. In Poland, we celebrate St. Martin’s Day on the 11th of November, and that’s when tons of St. Martins’s Croissants are sold. If you want to see how St. Martin’s Croissant is prepared, visit Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania. There is one show in English during the day. Rogal Swietomarcinski is one of the best things to see in Poznan, or rather, to taste.

Visit Citadela Park

If you would like to escape for a while from the lively city centre, there is no better place to go than Citadela Park. This is the largest park in Poznan, with a lot of space for relaxing, training or sightseeing. It is created in place of the former military area, and some military fortifications can still be seen. There are also two museums on site: Military Museum and Poznan Army Museum and old military cemetery.

Citadela Park in Poznan
Poznan – entrance to Citadela Park

Visit the palm house

Located in the heart of Poznan’s Wilson Park, the Palm House is a stunning greenhouse that’s home to a diverse collection of tropical and subtropical plants. Take a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens and soak up the serene surroundings.

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Discover the Malta Lake

The Malta Lake is a beautiful man-made lake located just outside Poznan’s city centre. Take a stroll along the lake’s promenade, rent a paddle boat or kayak, or simply relax and soak up the serene surroundings.


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