• Katowice Airport (actually, Katowice Pyrzowice Airport) is located about 30 km north of Katowice city centre. Although it is not very far, its public transport connections could be better. In this article, we will provide information on how to get from Katowice Airport to Katowice city centre and other destinations.

  • Local authorities in Poznan announced in December, that New Year’s Eve in Poznan 2022 celebration was called off. Just like in many other Polish cities, apart from Zakopane and Katowice, it is due to the financial crisis.

  • Things to do in Zakopane

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    The Tatra Mountains are the highest mountains in Poland. They are not as high as the Alps, and the highest peak within the Polish borders (Rysy) is 2499 meters high, but it very popular region for hiking in summer and for skiing in winter. Tatra Mountains in Poland are associated with Zakopane – which is the most popular city in this region. Below you’ll find information on the top things to do in Zakopane,

  • The city council decided not to organize an official New Year’s Celebration 2022 in Warsaw third time in a row. This time however the reason is not Covid, but the financial crisis that affected the budget of Warsaw. This is not unusual, as except for Katowice and Zakopane, most big cities in Poland canceled their new year’s events. So, what are your options for New Year’s Eve celebration in Warsaw if you happen to be in the city?

  • New Year’s Eve in Zakopane in 2022 is the most popular New Year’s Eve celebration in Poland. It is because it is advertised and broadcasted by the public TV, not because of the superior quality of the party.

  • Before Covid, citizens of Katowice could celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spodek – a big sport and entertainment hall. However, in recent years it was moved to Slaski Stadium with limited audience. In 2022, the New Year’s Eve celebration will take place in Pola Marsowe of Slaski Park in Chorzow, another city in the agglomeration.

  • Torun Christmas Market 2022

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    Torun Christmas Market will begin on the 26th of November and last until the 20th of December. You will not only be able to purchase products necessary to organize a Christmas dinner and find inspiration for wonderful Christmas gifts but also taste mulled wine or delicacies offered by restaurateurs. One of the attractions of the Fair will be stylized wooden carts, in which restaurateurs will serve winter and Christmas food and drinks.

  • The Szczecin Christmas Market, beloved by residents and tourists, will last from 2 to 22 December. Three squares in the center of Szczecin – Aleja Kwiatowa, Plac Adamowicza and Plac Lotnikow, will take you to the magical time of longing for Christmas. In addition, during weekends the Fair will be also located at the Boguslaw Promenade.

  • Bank accounts in Poland

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    If you moved to Poland and found a job here, you may consider opening a bank account in Poland to make it easier for you to receive your salary, make transfers within Poland, or just withdraw money from the ATM.