New Year’s Eve in Zakopane 2023

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Will New Year’s Eve in Zakopane in 2023 be the most popular New Year’s Eve celebration in Poland? Although there were some doubts about it, it is now official – there will be the New Year’s Eve celebration in Zakopane 2023 – a big concert.

New Year’s Eve in Zakopane location and information

The concert will take place in Rowien Krupowa, which is a big park in the centre of Zakopane, a few meters from the most popular street: Krupowki. Is it worth going to Zakopane art to take part in the event?

Well, most cities have cancelled their New Year’s Eve parties again, due to a lack of funds, so you don’t have a broad choice. But personally, I would avoid going to Zakopane for the event itself. The city will be extremely crowded, traffic jams on the way from Krakow (read our info on how to get from Krakow to Zakopane), and the hotels will be much more expensive. But if you stay in Zakopane anyway, it’s worth going to the event.


The good thing is – there are no tickets – all celebrate for free!

Event’s Line up

As the event is prepared by the Polish National TV, the line-up consists mainly of artists somehow close to this TV Station. However, until now the full line up has not been announced. So, what can you expect at the concert?

Parking in Krakow
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New Year's Eve in Zakopane 2023 is the most known event in Poland
New Year’s Eve in Zakopane is the most known event in Poland

There will be some performers that are almost always present at the event:

Edyta Gorniak

Former great singer (Second at Eurovision in 1994), but recently more known for her anti-vaccinate attitude and reckless speeches on various topics. However, still has the same, brilliant voice. She will perform with her son, Allan.

Zenon Martyniuk

Very popular disco-polo singer, snuggled by the public TV (they even made a film about him). He is a regular performer at events organized by Polish public TV


Polish singer and performer, who doesn’t take himself too seriously. It appears that his scenic image is far from what he really is – an intelligent guy. He has released two albums in the rock-polo style – “The greatest hits” and “The best of” – and those are his only albums so far. He will perform with his wife Kajira.

International star in Zakopane

It is always a last-minute decision, but we may expect an international star to perform. Last year it was Black Eyed Peas, this year we still need to wait for the official announcement.

Other musicians are yet to be announced/confirmed.


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