Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023

by Maciek Bogdanski

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 will start on the 24th of November and last for over six weeks – until the 7th of January. So, the event has been extended by one week, but there will be three days (24th, 25th of December and 1st of January) when the stalls will be closed.

Compared to other Christmas Markets in Poland, this one stands out as one of the best markets and definitely the most extensive, covering a large part of Wroclaw Old Town. It is also one of the most beautiful in Europe, according to American “The Huffington Post” and German “Die Welt”. And tourists seem to share that opinion, as year by year they come in great numbers to one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 location

In 2023 it’ll be just like last year located in four areas: Main Square, Swidnicka Street, Olawska Street and Salt Square (Plac Solny). This is a large part of Wroclaw Old Town. You may check the details on the Wroclaw Christmas Market map. Stalls will open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

What to expect at Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023

The Christmas Market will feature artistic events in the form of etudes and street performances. There will be the traditional illumination of the Wrocław Christmas tree with a magic spell on 1 December, entertainment in Silent Disco style, and from 3 to 6 January 2024 there will be a Christmas stage, located in the Christmas tree area on the Market Square. The stage will host performances of small art forms, performances by school and pre-school children, concerts and other celebrations.

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Wroclaw is the city of dwarfs, but it gets even more fabulous during the Christmas Fair. A large part of the Old Town (the Main Square, Swidnicka Street, Olawska Street, and Solny Market) turn into fairy-tale scenery. It gets full of Christmas trees, lights, and the aroma of food and mulled wine.

Swidnicka Street, the street leading from Wroclaw Train Station to the Old Town is a natural way to enter the Fair, and this is where the entrance gate is located. And then it only gets better. On your way, you’ll pass through lots of stalls offering local cuisine until you get to Main Square, and the smell of food will be replaced by the smell of mulled wine – called Grzaniec in Polish.

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 - entrance gate in Swidnicka Street
Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 – entrance gate in Swidnicka Street

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 on the Main Square

The western frontage of the Market Square is a new place on the map of the Christmas Market, full of glitter and Christmas decorations! Here you will find regional delicacies: traditional Polish cuisine, mountain cheese, natural juices, mulled wine and craft liqueurs.

In addition, we will find here unique soy candles, Wroclaw souvenirs in the form of dwarf figurines, hand-painted baubles, sets of aromatic coffees and teas, woollen socks, mascots for children, winter hats and many more.

Wroclaw Market Square will be visited by a dwarf called Prezentus. Legend has it that you need to touch his cap three times to make all your wishes come true… This nice dwarf from Wrocław appears only once a year during the Christmas Market in Wrocław and then disappears for the next 11 months

Ksiaz Castle near Wroclaw
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In the area of ​​the Christmas Market, there will be unusually atmospheric “photo houses”, i.e. wooden houses arranged thematically, in which the Guests of the Fair will be able to take commemorative photos. Each of the houses will be decorated with a Christmas theme, which will ensure unique and joyful photos.

On the western frontage of the Market Square, a zone will also be created under the slogan “Wroclaw Socially and Locally”, where Exhibitors from the Lower Silesia region and local producers will present themselves. In wooden houses, you will find a manufacturer of regional products and artistic handicrafts from Lower Silesia. “Wroclaw Socially and Locally” is also where Wroclaw organizations and entities supporting important social initiatives will present their activities. The Municipality of Wroclaw will also present its stand.

Christmas Market in Wroclaw - windmill
Christmas Market in Wroclaw 2023 – windmill Photo: Pianoforte Agencja Artystyczna – www.jarmarkbozonarodzeniowy.com

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 on Salt Square

On Salt Square, you will be able to admire the panorama of the Fair from a three-level fairy-tale house with a viewing terrace and a turret with an illuminated clock. In this house, you will be able to drink hot drinks and spend time pleasantly in a festive, fairy-tale space. This unusual attraction will be available only during the Fair.

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This unique area will host department stores with various delicacies. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste traditional Polish cuisine: fries, traditional meats and bread, regional cheeses, chocolate gingerbread, and warming soups. In wooden stalls, you will find inspiration for Christmas gifts: handicrafts, jewellery, original graphic products, souvenirs from Wroclaw, headbands, and hair ornaments made of ecological bamboo knitwear.

At Solny Square, there will also be a “Children’s House” – an unusual attraction in the form of a Christmas exhibition, which in shape refers to fair houses. The youngest will be able to spend a nice and active time here, testing their strength during the obstacle course.

Christmas Fair Cups

The tradition of the Wrocław Christmas Market is the ceramic mugs, which will be given a new design and colour. In the mugs it will be traditionally possible to taste aromatic Wroclaw mulled wine, hot chocolate and other warming beverages, while savouring the atmosphere of the coming holidays. Hot drinks in unique cups will be available at several locations during the Christmas Market: on Salt Square in a three-storey house with a clock on a tower – called the “Salt Square Town Hall” The “Christmas Windmill” and the House with a Viewing Terrace in the Fairy Tale Forest, the “Dwarf House” near the Fredro statue, the “Mlynowka” on the northern frontage of the square, or the newest meeting place “Karczma pod Łosiem” on the western frontage of the square – near the Hansel and Gretel tenement houses.

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Wroclaw Christmas Market - mulled wine cups
Wroclaw Christmas Fair – mulled wine cups are waiting to be filled

During the Christmas Fair, you’ll have the opportunity to taste local, Polish and foreign cuisine. There will also be lots of wooden stalls with souvenirs, art, crafts, cosmetics and Christmas decorations. Through the entrance gate in Swidnicka Street, you will get in the Christmas mood and in the stall area.

31st of December artistic and souvenir stalls will close at 17, but food stalls will remain open until 2 a.m. on January 1. There are no details yet on the New Year’s Eve celebration in the Main Square.

Crowd at Wroclaw Christmas Market
The crowd at Wroclaw Main Square

The Eastern part of the Main Square will be a special place during the Market. A Fairytale Grove (Bajkowy Lasek) will grow here and surround the Christmas Windmill. At the same time in the southern part, you may warm yourself near the fire or mulled wine or have fun at the carousel.

In the Fairytale Grove, beautiful fairy tales will be waiting for the youngest visitors, who will be introduced to a truly fairy-tale world through their magical visuals and soundtrack. Traditionally, among the fairytale cottages there will be an unusual two-storey house with a gift factory! On the ground floor, through huge windows, you will be able to admire how, under Santa’s watchful eye, the elves painstakingly work to bring presents to everyone in time. The magical interior will show all the stages: from receiving the sack of letters with Christmas dreams, through the acceptance of the project, to the packing and sending of the Christmas gifts. And once you have got acquainted with this complicated process, you will be able to climb onto the terrace, admire the panorama of the Fairy Tale Grove and look out for Rudolph the reindeer’s speeding sleigh!

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Christmas Market in Wroclaw - Fairytale Grove
Fairytale Grove. Photo: Pianoforte Agencja Artystyczna – www.jarmarkbozonarodzeniowy.com

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