Things to see in Warsaw

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the biggest Polish city. It is a mixture of modernity – with its busy city centre – and history. It is a good place to live, but also a good place to visit as a tourist. Below you’ll find some of the top things to do in Warsaw.

Old Town

Warsaw Old Town is definitely one of the things to see in Warsaw. It was established in XIIIth century and almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, in particular during and after the Warsaw uprising. It was then carefully rebuilt from scratch, using photographs, documentation or even paintings. The most important place in Warsaw Old Town is the Royal Castle. It served throughout the centuries as the official home of Polish monarchs. Destroyed during the war, its renovation took over 40 years – it was finished in 1988.

Things to do in Warsaw - Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Uprising Museum

This is one of the most important museums in Warsaw, and at the same time, one of the best. It was open in 2004, on the uprising 60th anniversary. The Museum presents detailed information on the two months of fighting, both from the perspective of soldiers and civilians living in Warsaw. Since its opening, the Museum was awarded many prizes, and although people in Poland argue about the sense of the uprising, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is considered the best way of commemorating people who died then

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Lazienki Park

Lazienki Park (Lazienki Krolewskie, Royal Baths Park) is the largest and most popular park in Warsaw. Its today shape is a result of rebuilding the former bath park for Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last king of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. After his death, Lazienki changed hands several times, until it became the property of Polish Government after the First World War. After the reconstruction following damages during the Second World War, Lazienki became part of National Museum in Warsaw, and was open to public in 1960. Why is it one of the things to see in Warsaw? What you find in Lazienki Park is a lot of green areas, numerous monuments, sculptures, many picturesque buildings, that you won’t find in other parts of the city. From May to September, Chopin Concerts are organized next to Chopin Monument in Lazienki. The entrance is free.

Things to do in Warsaw - Lazienki Park
Warsaw Lazienki Park

Kopernik Science Center

This is the biggest science center in Poland, where you can research, explore and carry on experiments. Over 400 exhibits, a lot of workshops or Planetarium will keep you busy the whole day. Copernicus Center was open in 2010 and at once became very popular. After over ten years nothing has changed – in the high season book your ticket in advance.

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