Biebrzanski National Park

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Biebrzanski National Park is one of the four National Parks located in the North-East of Poland, in Podlaskie province. It is famous for being a bird sanctuary and for the swamps that cover the area.

How to get to Biebrzanski National Park

The park is located in the triangle formed by three cities: Bialystok, Lomza and Augustow, so if you are using public transport, the best idea is to start from one of those cities. Bialystok seems to be the best option, as it’s easily accessible by bus or train, is surrounded by two other National Parks, and offers other activities in case of bad weather.

Practical tips

Visit the Park with a car

It is not impossible, but very hard, to visit Biebrzanski National Park without a car. It offers many 10-20 minute routes starting in the middle of nowhere and ending with a viewpoint. So if you travel through Poland using public transport, we suggest you rent a car in Bialystok to visit the park. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of time waiting for a bus (if there is any) or hitch-hiking.

Bikes will help you reach some starting points, and even go further than with the car, but some trails are impossible to go with a bike

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Take repellent

Biebrzanski National Park is a swamp area, and this means there are plenty of mosquitos there. The repellent will help, but will not solve the problem.

Take proper boots and shorts

There are some trails that you’ll keep your feet dry on, but there are some that require you to go in the water up to your knees or bum. We don’t expect you to carry long rubber boots on your journey to Poland, but taking and wearing water shoes would do the job. Furthermore, be prepared to roll up your trousers or undress to swim pants on some trails.

Take binoculars

The variety of animals and birds to be seen in this area is so high, that it’s worth carrying binoculars to be able to see long distance.

Biebrzanski National Park entry tickets

To visit the Biebrzanski National Park, you should buy tickets. You may do that in advance here.

Regular ticket costs 8 PLN. There are also weekend tickets valid for three days (16 PLN)

Places to see in the Park

Carska Droga (Tzar’s road)

Carska Droga is related to the 33 km long part of the road between Strekowa Gora (don’t mess it up with Gora Strekowa, those are two different places) and Osowiec Twierdza. It allows you to drive a car through the park and make a stop at several viewpoints. Drive carefully on Carska Droga, as elks crossing the road are not uncommon. And you want to see elks, not to hit them.

Worthwhile stops on Carska Droga are:

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Bagno Lawki

View point (tower) exposed to the most extensive meadow and peatbog. You may spot here plenty of birds and – if you are lucky – elks.

Dluga Luka

400 meters long wooden ramp into the swamp, with a small platform at the end.

Dluga Luka in Biebrzanski National Park
Dluga Luka in Biebrzanski National Park

Grobla Honczarowska

3.5 kilometres’ long educational path leading to the observation tower

Fort Osowiec

Remains of the Fort IV of the Osowiec stronghold or visiting other remains of the stronghold (the latter with guide only)

Osowiec stronghold
Osowiec stronghold

Barwik to Gugny trail

This is a 5 km trail starting near Dobarz mansion. The first two kilometres are easy (until you reach Kosodka river) but then the challenge starts. Take water shoes with you and be prepared to take off your pants.

Barwik to Gugny trail - viewpoint
Barwik to Gugny trail – viewpoint

Czerwone Bagno (The Red Swamp)

Czerwone Bagno is another region in Biebrzanski National Park, not connected to Carska Droga. This is the oldest and the wildest part of the Park, and although there are 5 trails in this area, none of them goes into Czerwone Bagno itself – it is a strictly protected area. Blue trail goes nearest to Czerwone Bagno, but it is a go- and-return trail, as one of the ramps connecting it to another trail is damaged.


The best way to explore Czerwone Bagno is to start at Grzedy. You may then choose any of the trails. Have water shoes with you, as (especially in Spring) there will be water on your way.

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