Lodz Christmas Market in 2022

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The program of Lodz Christmas Market in 2022 hasn’t been announced yet, but we know some details.

Christmas Market in Lodz in 2022 will begin on the 26th of November and last until the 23th of December. It’ll take place at Piotrkowska Street and Schiller Passage. Manufaktura Centre used to organize its own Christmas Market in Lodz, but so far they haven’t announced if they’ll do that this year.

Christmas Market in Lodz at Piotrkowska Street

The stalls will open along Piotrkowska Street and Schiller Passage nearby. Traditionally, the stalls will offer cold cuts, bread, Christmas pastries, gingerbread, as well as mulled wine, traditional cheeses and handicrafts from around the world. There will also be a Saint Nicholas’ house on Piotrkowska Street – for the youngest visitors

Piotrkowska Street will be full of stands and lights during Christmas Market
Piotrkowska Street will be full of stands and lights during Christmas Market in Lodz

Special events used to be prepared in previous years on weekends: mainly concerts and animation activities. Below you will read what has been prepared for Lodz Christmas Market 2022.


November 26 (Saturday):

16.00-17.15 Ten Tonye

Singer and songwriter Adrian Sudak recorded his first song at the age of 18. He is inspired by hip-hop, pop and alternative, which can be heard perfectly in the slightly ballad song “I’m waiting at the station” or the song “Kruki i Wrony”. – I dream of a world where everyone listens to the very effectively drowned out voice of the heart and has enough courage to follow it and undertake changes – says Ten Tonye. – You know, in my opinion, everyone achieves their dreams, but the difference is that not everyone achieves theirs.

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17.30–18.45 Mateusz Tranda

Mateusz Tranda, an acoustic guitarist, composer and teacher, finds inspiration in everything that touches his sensitivity – from great and recognized people like Laurence Juber, Tim Sparks, Jorma Kaukonen, Eric Clapton, Tommy Emanuel to ordinary, small things. A musician who is characterized by skill and creative maturity, and at the same time remembers what is most important in music: emotions. That is why his concerts enchant listeners with a unique atmosphere. – I would like my music to make people forget about everyday life, their problems, even for a moment – ​​he says.

November 27 (Sunday):

15.30–16.45 Milosz Paprocki

Milosz Paprocki is a boy with a guitar, a songwriter who creates songs on the borderline of pop, blues, hip-hop, R&B and folk. His lyrics talk about everyday matters, ups and downs, they have a varied flow, which diversifies the performances. He performs solo, accompanied by a guitar and a looper.

17.00-18.15 Jumper

Jumper is a 19-year-old Lodz resident who has been involved in music since he was a child. After 9 years of music school and learning to play the guitar, during the #hot16challenge2 action, he put his first verses on the beat and then his adventure with rap began. Under the pseudonym igo_woropaj, he released the album #smooth_latte [EP], and a year later we could hear two singles announcing a new project, which he creates under the pseudonym: Jumper.

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December 2 (Friday)

17–20 – musical Friday with DJ Valdi.

December 3 (Saturday)

16–17.15 Oliwia Osmolinska & Gabriel Hadley

Oliwia Osmolińska is a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. Gabriel Hadley is a young artist who is involved in music production and songwriting. For 3 years they have been cooperating and creating a unique duo – both in their musical and private lives.

17.30–18.45 Stanisław Hurnik

A musician performing improvised music using electric guitar, time loops, synthesizer and singing. Genres in which he moves include blues, classic rock and reggae.

December 4 (Sunday)

15.30–16.45 – Christmas performance for children

17–18.15 ZOSIA

A vocalist from Lodz, who debuts with original material, previously hidden in a drawer. So far, she has become known in the RMF FM Radio Competition, where Patrycja Markowska spoke warmly about ZOSIA’s cover.

December 9 (Friday)

17–20 – musical Friday with DJ Valdi

December 10 (Saturday)

16–17.15 MroVi Duo – The most beautiful tangos

Julia Wiśniewska and Michał Mrozinski are musicians forming MroVi Duo. They perform chamber music, originally written for accordion and violin, as well as transcriptions. Their repertoire includes tango, classical, film, folk and Jewish music.

17.30–18.45 Ola & Darko Bugarič

Ola and Darko Bugarič are a Polish-Serbian couple who sing in many languages. They will warm up a December evening with songs from Poland, Serbia, Greece, Spain and France. There will also be familiar Christmas songs.

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15–19 Meeting with Santa and his family, ride in the sleigh of St. Nicholas on Piotrkowska

December 11 (Sunday)

15.30–16.45 ARVL

ARVL creates music on the borderline of pop, synth-rock and alternative, which he himself describes as Modern Romantic. The solo project officially launched this year, and has already released 2 singles “MILO” and “LISTY” on streaming platforms and played live, among others in on Radio New World. – What are you thinking about? About nothing. It’s usually hard to get inside a man’s head, he says. “You have to tear out hidden thoughts. You can listen to mine, piece by piece.

17–18.15 Lucas Flint

Lucas Flint is an artist from Lodz, creating calm, bedroompop sounds in the lofi style. Musically, he refers to the last decades of the 20th century, combining the sounds of synthesizers, guitars and trip-hop drum loops. The artist creates songs mainly in Polish, and he is musically inspired by, among others, Mac DeMarco, Andrzej Zaucha, Zbigniew Wodecki and the boy pablo band.

December 16 (Friday)

5–8 pm – Music Friday with DJ Valdi

December 17 (Saturday)

16–17.15 MroVi Duo – The most beautiful Christmas songs and Christmas carols

Julia Wiśniewska and Michal Mrozinski are musicians forming MroVi Duo. They perform chamber music originally written for accordion and violin as well as transcriptions. Their repertoire includes tango, classical, film, folk and Jewish music.

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17.30–18.45 Games with the Elves

18 December (Sunday)

15.30–16.45 Marta Kubiak & Zuzanna Blaszczyk

Marta Kubiak and Zuzanna Blaszczyk are a duo that was born out of love for theater and music. The artists met exactly a year ago at rehearsals for a Christmas show at the Piccolo Theater in Lodz. They will prepare some well-known Christmas songs and carols that will surely make everyone feel the Christmas atmosphere!

17–18.15 Games and activities with elves

Christmas Market in Lodz - Piotrkowska Street. Photo: lodz.pl
Christmas Market in Lodz – Piotrkowska Street. Photo: lodz.pl

Christmas Market in Lodz at Manufaktura Center

This is a separate event that takes place independently from the Christmas Market in Piotrkowska Street. The detailed programme has not been published yet, but we already know what stands will be put here.

At the Manufaktura fair, you will be able to buy treats for the Christmas table. Fans of mountain delicacies will find something for themselves at the exhibitors from Podhale – among them shepherd’s, sheep and goat cheeses. The stands will feature traditionally smoked cold cuts, sausages, as well as bacon and lard. It will be completed with sourdough bread and fragrant cakes. The food offer of the fair will be complemented by stands with honey from family apiaries. The products will include not only classic honey, but also proprietary products: such as raspberry honey with propolis, ginger and turmeric, or last year’s hit – dandelion honey with cinnamon. There will also be something special for all gourmands – traditional cakes with the sweet filling.

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Manufaktura Center will change into Christmas Fair area soon
Manufaktura Center will change into Christmas Fair area soon

The non-food stands will include, among others books, 3D puzzles, beautiful handmade jewellery, Christmas sets of hand-made cosmetics, hand-painted mugs and traditional wooden toys. And if you need to decorate the house and the Christmas tree, you’ll find here hand-blown and painted baubles, wreaths and chains, Christmas decorations as well as wooden decorations that will add warmth to any interior will be waiting for amateur decorators. Unique home accessories can be purchased at the blacksmith’s stand, who will forge beautiful ornaments and decorations by himself.

Other Christmas Markets in Poland

Many cities in Poland organize their Christmas Markets. Check also our articles on Christmas Fairs in Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan.

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