Veturilo – public bike system in Warsaw

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Public bike system in Warsaw – Veturilo was set up in 2012 as one of the earliest bike systems in Poland, and now is one of the biggest in Europe. Its name derives from Esperanto and means “vehicle” or “means of transport”. Veturilo in Warsaw offers 4500 bikes located in 300 bike stations in the whole Warsaw. The public bike rental in Warsaw works from 31 march till 30th of November.

How to register with Veturilo

Registering with Veturilo can’t be easier. You just need to fill in the registration form and pay 10 PLN as the initial fee to your account. Once you have done it, you may rent a bike from Vetirulo stands.

Remember, to rent a bike you need to keep at least 10 PLN on your user account, or attach a credit card to it.

How much public bike system in Warsaw costs

Veturilo in Warsaw offers two types of bikes: classic and electric. Electric bikes may be returned only at specific bike stations near the centre of Warsaw, and may only be returned by inserting in the slots.

The price depends on the type of bike, with one exception: the first 20 minutes is always free. It is not a daily quota – every time you take a bike from the stand, you may ride it for 20 minutes for free.

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After that you need to pay:

For classic Veturilo bike
Rental durationPrice
Initial fee10 PLN
1-20 minutesfree
21-60 minutes1 PLN
Second hour3 PLN
Third hour5 PLN
Fourth hour and each subsequent hour7 PLN
exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental200 PLN
For electric Veturilo bike
Rental durationPrice
Initial fee10 PLN
1-20 minutesfree
21-60 minutes6 PLN
Second hour and each subsequent hour14 PLN
Exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental300 PLN

How to use Warsaw Veturilo Bikes

Renting Veturilo Bike

Once you have registered and paid the initial fee, you are ready to rent a bike. To do that, go to any Veturilo Bike Station, and press the “Rental/Return” button and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to release the bike.
If the bike is secured with a clamp – the code to unlock it will be displayed on the screen.

Returning the Veturilo Bike

If there are empty slots at the station, simply put your bike there. Wait for the signal and green light that will confirm that you have successfully returned the bike. If there are no empty slots, you need to attach the bike with the code lock to the handle of the selected bike stand or another bike. Make sure to shuffle the digits and to press “Rental/Return” on the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen.

Remember that electric bikes may only be returned at the stations in the centre.

Additional information

It it worth installing the Mobile App, as this makes renting and returning bike easier and faster.

Using one account, you may rent up to 4 bikes – each bike is billed separately.

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