• Parking in Krakow

    by mbogda

    Krakow is the most popular tourist destination and the most polluted big city in Poland as well. This is best visible during winter, when people warming their homes with coal, making the situation even worse.

  • Top things to do in Torun

    by mbogda

    Among the top things to see in Torun there are little that relate to those times. This is due to Mikolaj Kopernik, the most famous Polish Astronomer, who was born in Torun in 1473.

  • Lodz Christmas Market in 2022

    by mbogda

    Christmas Market in Lodz in 2022 will begin on the 26th of November and last until the 23th of December. It’ll take place at Piotrkowska Street and Schiller Passage. Manufaktura Centre used to organize its own Christmas Market in Lodz, but so far they haven’t announced if they’ll do that this year.

  • Wroclaw Christmas Market 2022

    by mbogda

    The programme of the Wroclaw Christmas Market in 2022 hasn’t been announced yet, but we already know some details. Wroclaw Christmas Market 2022 will start on the 18th of November and last until the end of December, with a two-day break on the 24-25th of December. Compared to other Christmas Markets in Poland, this one stands out as one of the most extensive, covering a large part of Wroclaw Old Town.

  • Public transport in Poznan

    by mbogda

    Public transport in Poznan relies mainly on trams and buses, with trams being the primary means of transport, and buses having the supplementary role. This often means that you need to change from bus to tram at some stage of your trip.

  • There are two main means of public transport in Wroclaw: buses and trams. The system of public transport in Wroclaw is supplemented by Polinka – cableway going between Technical University of Wroclaw and Geocentrum, and Koleje Dolnośląskie trains.

  • Public transport in Warsaw

    by mbogda

    Public transport in Warsaw has a variety of means of transport to use. This includes buses, trams, metro and local trains. Thus, public transport in Warsaw enables you to get to any place in the city.

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