Getting from Krakow airport to city centre

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Krakow Airport to city centre transportation

Krakow has only one airport  – Balice John Paul the Second Airport. It is located about 10 kilometres west of the Krakow centre and is very well-connected by public transport. You can get from Krakow Airport to city centre in just 20 minutes by train for about 3 EUR! Other Krakow airport transportation options: bus or taxi are either less convenient or more expensive.

If you are considering coming to Poland through other airports, read our articles on getting from the airport to the centre of Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan.

Train from Krakow airport to city centre

Leaving Krakow Airport by train is the fastest and most convenient choice. SKA1 train leaves the Airport train station every hour between 5 am and midnight – the first train leaves at 5.25 am, the last train leaves at 0.39 pm. The journey from Balice Airport to Krakow main train station (Krakow Glowny) lasts about 19 minutes. From here, the old town is within walking distance. Some trains go directly to Wieliczka, so if this is your destination, just make sure that you are on the right train, and stay on the board another 30 minutes after passing Krakow Glowny.

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Trains are modern and comfortable – equipped with electricity sockets, WIFI and air-conditioning.

Krakow airport train station. This is the best starting point to get to Krakow city centre.
Krakow Airport to city centre train station

Train ticket from the Airport to Krakow Glowny (main train station in Krakow) costs 12 PLN, and to Wieliczka 16 PLN. You may buy tickets at the arrivals terminal (cash/card payment), train station ticket machine (cash/card) or onboard from the ticket inspector (cash only).

Krakow Airport train station is very close to the terminal, just behind P1 parking and car rentals. To get to the platform it’s best to take the footbridge over the taxi and kiss&fly area.

Krakow airport transportation – bus

Bus stops are just in front of the terminal. You may buy tickets in the ticket machine a the arrivals terminal, at the bus stop or inside the bus.

During the day

Krakow Airport is served by three local bus lines (208 and 209 and 252). All of them go in the direction of city centre, but only 208 goes directly to the main train station. The trip lasts about 45 minutes, but expect delays due to the traffic, especially in the morning or in the afternoon. Other buses reach the ring around the Old Town – then you need to either change or walk (about 15 minutes). As the Airport is located in Zone 2, if you want to buy 24, 48, 72 hours or 7-day ticket, make sure you buy 1+2 zone ticket. The cheapest ticket that will enable you to get to the city costs 6 PLN (60 minutes/one ride ticket). If you plan to stay in Krakow for a couple of days, read our article on public transport in Krakow to choose the ticket that best suits your needs.

At night

There is only one bus that runs at night. Bus 902 leaves the Airport in direction of the city every hour: the first bus at 11.25 pm, last at 4.55 am. The trip to the Main Train Station (Krakow Glowny) lasts about 30 minutes, but the bus passes the Old Town on the way so you may want to get off earlier. The tickets are the same as for day buses. Visit the Krakow MPK website to check the updated schedules of buses from Krakow airport.

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Taxi from Krakow Airport to city centre

If you have heavy luggage or just want to get directly to your hotel, taxi is the only option. Krakow Airport officially recommends using “Krakow Airport Taxi” company. They offer good quality, but their price is slightly higher than other taxis – up to 89 PLN for the trip to the main square (Rynek Glowny). Generally, taxi fare from the airport to the old town varies from 70 to 120 PLN. Avoid using non-corporate taxis and always check the pricelist on the taxi door. Most frauds happen when you take a non-corporate taxi from the airport, so be careful.

Alternatively, you may use Uber or Bolt – their price depends on the current demand, but they are usually much cheaper than taxis, and you know the fare in advance and there is almost no chance of being cheated. Another option is FreeNow – an official taxi that works similar to Uber and Bolt. Register with FreeNow App with code 8h76hr0jk to receive a voucher for 20 PLN (about 5 EUR).

Other Krakow Airport transportation options

If you don’t plan to go to the old town, but you want to go to another city instead, you have some options, too.

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You may go straight from the airport to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp Museum, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zakopane or Prague. Check Flixbus or Neobus websites for details and schedules, or book your ticket here.

Staying at Krakow Airport

Krakow airport to city centre
Krakow airport

If you land late in the evening or at night or just need to check-in early in the morning, maybe it’s better to stay in or around the airport. The airport is quite small, but you may find an area to stay for a couple of hours. There are shops and cafes, but most of them close at 10-11 pm. There are only two hotels within walking distance: Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport and AirPark Balice, you may look for others here, but you will need to arrange a transfer service from the airport.

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