Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Warsaw Modlin to city centre

Warsaw Modlin Airport (MNI) is located about 40 km north-west of Warsaw. In this article, we will give you information on how to get from Warsaw Modlin Airport to Warsaw City centre. This is not the main Warsaw Airport, and is much smaller than Chopin Airport. If you were looking for information on how to get from Warsaw Chopin Airport to city centre, read this article.

If you are considering coming to Poland through other airports, read our articles on getting from the airport to the centre of Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan.

Getting from Warsaw Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre

Warsaw Modlin Airport is located about 6 kilometres from Modlin city centre and Modlin Train station (which actually is located closer to Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki than to Modlin). It is mainly used by low-cost airlines: Wizzair and Ryanair. Don’t expect a big modern terminal here, the airport looks rather like a temporary one. And although the city Modlin is usually skipped by those who land or depart from here, it is worth spending here some time.

Modlin Stronghold

Modlin Stronghold (Twierdza Modlin) was built based on the order of Napoleon. It was modernized until the Second World War, and sieged 4 times in the course of time. The last siege was in September 1939, when it was defended by Polish troops against the Nazis. It surrendered on the 29th of September.

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Now part of the stronghold forms part of the Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki city, and may be visited for free. There are also some buildings that require a fee – tickets cost 10-15 PLN.

Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre
Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre buses leave in front of the terminal

There are three ways of getting from Modlin Airport to Warsaw.

By train

To get to Modlin train station, first you need to board the Koleje Mazowieckie bus – a shuttle bus between the Warsaw Modlin Airport and Modlin railway station. It leaves every 15-20 minutes from the terminal, and travel time is 10-15 minutes. From Modlin train station there are frequent (every 15-20 minutes) trains to Warsaw. The last train departs at 0:28. Ticket for the shuttle bus costs 7,10 PLN, and for the train 17,90 PLN, but you may buy Airport Ticket – “Bilet lotniskowy” – at the fixed price of 22,40 PLN. This ticket allows you also to use public transport in Warsaw for 75 minutes on that day – you just need to validate it by handwriting the exact hour and minute of the desired start of 75 minutes period.

By bus

Contbus operates buses from Warsaw Modlin to city centre, that leave the airport every 1,5-2 hours during the day. They will bring you close to the central train station in Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna). The ticket price costs 30 PLN, and you need to buy in advance on their website, at least two hours before the ride. Afterwards, you may buy it from the driver if there are seats available. The duration of the ride is 55 minutes if there is no traffic. Contbus offers also other bus routes, including Modlin Airport – Lublin route, which does not stop on the way.

Another company that offers transfer from Modlin Airport to Warsaw City centre is Flixbus. They also have several buses during the day, and tickets must be bought online in advance. Tickets start at 7 EUR.

Another company – Zak Express offers routes to the north-east of Poland.

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By Taxi

Getting from Warsaw Modlin Airport to Warsaw City centre by taxi is very expensive if you compare it to trains and buses. Although it might cost about 100 PLN, if you arrange the taxi in advance, expect to pay 150-200 PLN when you want to pick up one at the airport. Modlin Airport recommends two taxi companies: Sawa Taxi and Modlin-Taxi. Whatever taxi you take, look at the price list that should be placed on the rear door. There is always a fixed starting fee, and then the cost of 1 kilometre. The route from Modlin Airport to the Warsaw Central train station should be about 45 kilometres long.

This will be a bit cheaper and more precise if you register with FreeNow – an official taxi that works similar to Uber and Bolt. If you download the FreeNow App and register with discount code 8h76hr0jk you will receive a voucher for 20 PLN (about 5 EUR).

Alternatively, you may use Uber or Bolt – their price depends on the actual demand, but they will probably drive you from Modlin airport to Warsaw city centre cheaper than a regular taxi.

Staying at the Modlin Airport

If you land late in the evening and decide to stay in Modlin instead of going to Warsaw, you only have a few options. Modlin Airport is very small, and to be honest – there’s nothing to do there except for checking in. There are a few shops and cafés, and that’s all. Unfortunately, there is also nothing within reasonable walking distance. The nearest market is about 2 km from the airport, and so are the nearest hotels: Royal Hotel Modlin and Modlin Palace. You may look for other accommodation options here.

Transfer between Warsaw Modlin Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport

If you need to transfer between Warsaw Modlin Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport, the best option is to go by train. First, you need to get to Modlin train station. Koleje Mazowieckie bus is the best option here. Then board the train to Warsaw Chopin Airport. It leaves more or less every hour, and the ticket for the whole transfer starts from 22,40 PLN (Bilet Lotniskowy). The whole transfer should take you more or less 90 minutes.

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