Krakow Christmas Market in 2022

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The programme of Krakow Christmas Market in 2022 hasn’t been announced yet, but recently some news has been revealed.

The Christmas Market in Krakow in 2022 will start on the 25th of November and will last until the 1st of January.

Markets, formerly known as fairs, have been held in the Market Square for centuries. They usually start at the end of November and run until the second day of Christmas. The Christmas Market in Krakow has become a permanent event on the Krakow Market Square, it is a tradition that largely influences the cultural and economic development of Krakow.

What will you find at Christmas Market in Krakow?

We don’t know yet what will be prepared for Krakow Christmas Market in 2022, but below you may read what we could participate in last year.

Sellers will present the goods at 68 commercial and gastronomic kiosks. Except for locals, we will also host buyers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary. cold cuts, cheese and sausages, bread, jewellery made of fabrics and wood, crafts made of linen and wool, gifts, ceramics, etc.

Merchants offer a wide range of Christmas products, such as hand-painted cans, Christmas tree decorations, decorative items, Christmas centrepieces, earthenware, woodwork, wool, cloth, art glass, jewellery, souvenirs, postcards, calendars. You can taste delicious grilled dishes, traditional oscypek (kind of cheese) roasted on a grill with cranberries and drink Galician mulled wine. For lovers of a little something, there will also be roasted nuts, baked chestnuts, Christmas cookies and gingerbread.

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The lighting on the Christmas tree will enrich the artistic program of the fair. On November 27 at 16.30 the DeocentriCity gospel choir will perform on the stage of the Christmas market. In turn, the band “Pan Tu Nie Stal” will play for the younger audience.

The lights on the Christmas tree will shine at 17.15. Right after this event, Antek Smykiewicz and Robert Sadowski will perform on the stage of the Christmas market with a Christmas concert. It is also then that the premiere of the single “Na Gwiazdkę” from the latest album of artists titled “Wigilia Deluxe”.

Below you will find the full program o the Christmas Market in Krakow in 2021

November 27– 9:30 – Writing letters to Santa Claus
11:45 – Performance The band at the Song and Dance ” Krakowiacy “
12:00 – Ceremonial opening of the Christmas Market
12:15 – Sending letters to heaven
12:30 – Performance The band at the Song and Dance ” Krakowiacy “
16:30 – Performance of the DeocentriCity choir – Main Market Square, Big Stage
16:30 – Festive concert for children became Mr. Tu No – Main Market Square, a small stage
17:15 – Festive lighting of the Christmas tree on the Main Square
17:30 – Antek Smykiewicz’s performance with the band – Main Market Square, Big Stage

December 02 – 79th Krakow Nativity Scenes Competition
10:00 -12: 00 – Presentation on the Main Square
12:00 – Nativity scene pageant – preceded by a folk band from Bronowice.
12:30 – Presentation of nativity scenes on the Main Stage

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December 03
16:00 – Project “Bridges Between Cities “

December 04
11:00 – 12:00 – Presentation of the Pcim Commune
12:00 – The Bridges Between Towns Project
12:00 – 14:00 -St Nicolaus Parade – the Little Market Square in Krakow

December 05
10:00 – 20:00 – Presentation Local Brand Karpating (Gorlice District)
11:00 – Merchant’s Feast: Merchant’s Message
11:30 – Project “Bridges Between Cities “

December 16
18:00 – ” Hey, Christmas carol … ” performed by students of the Complex of Schools of Craft and Entrepreneurship of the MIRiP in Krakow

December 17
16:00 – 20:00 – Presentation of the Zabierzow Commune

December 18
12:00 – Carollers Parade – ancient carols – The Parade will start from the Barbican towards the Main Square at 11:30
12:30 – Presentation of carol groups – Folklore Association “Regional Theater”
16:00 – Performance of the carol group “Plesnioki” from Pleśna
18:00 – Sing with us! Carolling with Krakow choirs

December 19
10:00 – 17:00 – Presentation of the Limanowa Commune
18:00 –  Sing with us! Carolling with Krakow choirs

December 20
10:00 – Presentation of the school s The basic than with Integrated 3

December 24
12:00 – “Polish Dziady” inspired by the poet at the monument to A. Mickiewicz –  Folklore Association “Regional Theater”

December 26

14:00 – The Folklore Association “Regional Theater” invites you to carol singing at the monument to A. Mickiewicz

Other Christmas Markets in Poland

Many cities in Poland organize their Christmas Markets. Check also our articles on Christmas Fairs in Gdansk, Wroclaw, Lodz and Poznan.

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