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Katowice Airport (actually, Katowice Pyrzowice Airport) is located about 30 km north of Katowice city centre. Although it is not very far, its public transport connections could be better. In this article, we will provide information on how to get from Katowice Airport to Katowice city centre and other destinations.

Katowice Airport to Katowice by public transport

Katowice is a part of a large agglomeration that consists of several cities. So some buses from Katowice Pyrzowice Airport go not to Katowice, but to other cities: Bytom, Gliwice. or Piekary Slaskie. Not all of those cities have good connections to other cities in Poland, so if you want to travel further, you should opt for any bus that goes to Gliwice and Katowice.

By local bus

There are several city lines that leave Katowice Airport. To travel with them, you’ll need to buy a ticket, either online (with Apps: Jakdojade, Mobilet, Skycash, mPay, zbiletem.pl) or in the ticket machine located here.

Lines AP and M11 from Katowice Airport to Katowice

Lines AP and M11 run both to Katowice Sadowa, close to Katowice Main Bus and Train station, and to Freedom Square (Plac Wolnosci). The difference is, line AP goes directly there (has only 2 stops before that, both in Katowice) and it takes 45 minutes, while M11 stops in every village on its way and the journey lasts over an hour.

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Therefore, line AP is the best choice to get to Katowice city centre. It runs at least once an hour, even at night. The ticket costs 6,6 PLN (or 6 PLN if you buy it online). You may check the schedule of AP line here.

AP bus is the best way to get from Katowice Airport to Katowice city centre
AP bus is the best way to get from Katowice Airport to Katowice city centre

Lines 17 and 85 from Katowice Airport to Bytom

Lines 17 and 85 run from Katowice Airport to Bytom. Although their route differs, they both end at the Bytom train station. They run more or less every two hours. You may chech the schedule of line 17 and 85.

Beware, that not all variants of those lines get as far as Bytom, check the meaning of the accompanying letter (ie U, W,X) on in the schedule. It takes about one hour to get to Bytom Train Station, so you need to buy 6,6 PLN ticket (or 6 PLN ticket if you buy it online).

Bytom has some connections to other cities, but they are not frequent.

Line M14 from Katowice Airport to Gliwice

Line M14 runs from Katowice Airport to the recently built Interchange Centre in Gliwice. There, you may easily change to train or bus going to other Polish cities.

Line M14 leaves the airport every hour, and the journey lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The ticket costs 6,6 PLN (or 6 PLN if you buy it online).

Line M19 from Katowice Airport to Sosnowiec

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Line M19 runs from Pyrzowice Airport to Sosnowiec every hour, passing by Sosnowiec train station. The trip lasts about an hour and the ticket costs 6,6 PLN (or 6 PLN if you buy it online). From Sosnowiec there are connections to other cities.

Other bus lines

Lines 738 and M116 will not let you get close to any of the large cities here, so just ignore them.

Long-distance buses from Katowice Airport

Except for local buses, there are also long-distance buses leaving Katowice airport to other cities. Below are some options available:

Katowice Airport to Polanczyk (a village in Bieszczady Mountains), passing through Bytom, Katowice and Krakow, run by Barbara Travel

Katowice Airport to Krakow, run by Matuszek Travel

Flixbus runs buses to several destinations, both domestic and international.

By train

So far there is no train from Katowice Airport, although the connection is under construction, and is due to be finished in late 2023.

By taxi

Katowice Airport Taxi is the official taxi carrier, recommended by Katowice Airport. This means they have some privileges for picking up passengers at the airport (they pick them up in front of Terminal C), they probably charge a bit more, but the risk they will rip you off is low. They have a fixed price for popular destinations: Katowice, Czestochowa, Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Krakow and even Warsaw. You may check their prices here.

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You are free to take any other taxi that you find, of course, but try to avoid non-corporate taxis. Uber and Freenow taxis may be also hired through their Apps, it’s worth checking them as they tend to be cheaper, and once you hire them the price is set.

If you download the FreeNow Android App or FreeNow Apple App and register with this link you will receive a voucher for 15 PLN (about 4 EUR).

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