Public transport in Wroclaw

by Maciek Bogdanski

There are two main means of transport in Wroclaw: buses and trams. The system of public transport in Wroclaw is supplemented by Polinka – cableway going between Technical University of Wroclaw and Geocentrum, and Koleje Dolnoslaskie trains.

The bus and tram network allows you to get to any place in the city, although citizens sometimes complain that it is inefficient and could be better organized. You may find buses, trams and Koleje Dolnoslaskie trains maps at the official Wroclaw site, but if you want to find the best way from point A to B in Wroclaw, it is easier in the Jakdojade App. Wroclaw public transport allows you to get cheaply from the airport to the city centre.

Public transport in Wroclaw – buses and trams

Where to buy bus and tram tickets

In Wroclaw bus and tram tickets are the same. They may be obtained from kiosks, ticket teller machines, Zabka stores, post offices or onboard – if you have Urban EP card or bank card that supports NFC technology. You just need to choose the type of ticket you need and put your card in the ticket machine. The ticket is stored on your card – there is an option in the machine to check if the ticket is stored properly.

Wroclaw public transport - ticket machine on the bus
Wroclaw public transport – ticket machine on the bus

If you use a paper ticket, you need to validate it after you enter the bus/tram. If your ticket allows you to change buses/trams, you only need to do it once. It is also possible to buy tickets using Android App (Jakdojade, Mobilet), but it is better to do it before or just after you enter the vehicle. You need to enter the vehicle number (3127 on the picture below), so you need to wait until the vehicle appears anyway. Tickets bought in the Apps don’t need to be validated, and they appear in the App.

Public transport in Wroclaw - tram
Public transport in Wroclaw – tram

What is UrbanCard EP

Urban Card EP is an electronic card that may be used in two ways:

  • as a ticket carrier – if you buy a ticket it may be written on the card
  • as an electronic wallet – you charge your UrbanCard, and you use UrbanCard points to buy tickets on board or in the mobile application
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How to get an UrbanCard EP

UrbanCard is also available for foreigners. To get UrbanCard EP you need to apply for it on the UrbanCard website. After two working days, you may collect the card from the Customer service Office indicated in the application.

How to use UrbanCard

After receiving the card, you need to either charge the card with money (this can be done either on the internet, in Customer Office Point or in the automatic machine) or write a ticket on the card (this can be done either on the internet, in Customer Office Point or in the automatic machine). If you charge the money to the card through the internet, you need to encode it on the card in Customer Office, Ticket Machines or Ticket validators. Only then you are able to pay the fare inside the bus or tram – in the ticket validator.

There are two types of Urbancard: one which may be used by its bearer, and one which may be used only by a person whose name is on the ticket. Tickets on personal Urbancard are significantly cheaper.

Types of tickets in Wroclaw

There are one ride tickets, that are only valid for one ride – after you leave the bus/tram you need to buy another one to go further.

Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre
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There are also time tickets, that allow you to change buses and trams until the ticket runs out of time. Time varies from 15 minutes to 168 hours (7 days). There are also monthly and yearly tickets, but unless you plan to settle down in Wroclaw, it is highly unlikely that you’ll need them.

There used to be separate tickets for night buses and trams, however now you can travel on night buses and trams with regular tickets.

Public transport in Wroclaw Fares

The tickets price are as shown below:

Public transport fares in Wroclaw

Type of ticketRegularReduced*
One ride ticket
all lines4,60 PLN2,30 PLN
Bearer time ticket
15-minutes3,2 PLN1,6 PLN
30-minutes4 PLN2 PLN
60-minutes5,2 PLN2,6 PLN
90-minutes7 PLN3,5 PLN
24-hours15 PLN7,5 PLN
48-hours26 PLN13 PLN
72-hours32 PLN16 PLN
168-hours (7-days)54 PLN27 PLN
Personal time ticket
7 days38 PLN19 PLN

If you travel without a valid ticket the fine is 120 PLN if you pay it within 7 days, otherwise, it rises to 150 PLN

*You are entitled to buy a reduced ticket when you are a student up to 26 years old and you have an ISIC or EURO26 STUDENT card that was issued outside Poland.

Public transport in Wroclaw – Polinka

Polinka is a cableway going between the Technical University of Wroclaw and Geocentrum, about 7 meters above Odra river. It is about 380 meters long and it may carry up to 15 passengers. It works from 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, and 11 am to 9 pm on weekends.

Public transport in Wroclaw - Polinka cableway
Public transport in Wroclaw – Polinka cableway

Polinka Fares

Price of the ticket for Polinka is 3,4 PLN (1,7 PLN reduced), and are different from those valid for trams and buses. Tickets for Polinka may be obtained in ticket machines at Polinka stations.

Public transport in Wroclaw – Koleje Dolnoslaskie trains

There is no metro in Wroclaw, but Koleje Dolnoslaskie trains are a fast and efficient way to travel in Wroclaw and surrounding cities. Ticket price varies depending on destination, but within Wroclaw, you may travel on Koleje Dolnoslaskie trains with bus or tram ticket, provided it is at least for 24 hours and it has been validated (time stamped) in a bus or tram (this relates to paper tickets)

Public transport in Wroclaw - Train station
Public transport in Wroclaw – Train station

What else should you know about public transport in Wroclaw?

On-demand bus stops

At some bus stops, those marked “Na zadanie” or “NZ” you need to show the driver that you want to get on/off the bus. While inside, you need to press the “Stop” button, while waiting at the bus stop, you need to waive for the bus to stop.

Wroclaw pronunciation - how to pronounce Wroclaw?
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Bus stop boards

At many bus and tram stops, there are electronic boards showing departures from the bus stop. If the information is “XY min“, this is the real-time from GPS installed on the bus. If it shows the exact time of departure, this is the time according to the schedule, not the real-time info.

Public transport in Wroclaw - board
Public transport in Wroclaw – tram stop board

Alternative to public transport?

Car sharing is getting more and more popular. It’s cheaper than taking a taxi and faster than public transport, so many people use it. Also, the public bike system may be used for a short distance.

Public transport in other Polish cities

If you are considering going to other cities in Poland, read our guides on public transport in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Poznan. You may also read our articles on how to travel around Poland.

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