Parking in Poznan

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Poznan parking zones

Poznan has three parking zones, where you need to pay for parking your car. You don’t need to pay for electric cars, bikes, and motorbikes. Also, in any zone, parking is free on the 2nd of May, 24th of December, or any public holiday.

Poznan Parking zones
Poznan parking zones. Source:

Downtown parking zone – Centre (C) – Srodmiejska SPP Centrum

This Poznan parking zone covers the strict centre of the city. This is the most expensive zone, and you need to pay here 8 am-8 pm on weekdays and 8 am – 6 pm on Saturdays. Prices are as follows:

  • 7 PLN for the first hour
  • 7,4 PLN for the second hour
  • 7,9 PLN for the third hour
  • 7 PLN each subsequent hour

The minimum payment is 1,7 PLN

Downtown Parking Zone Jezyce (J)

It is located west of the Old Town, separated from the central parking zone by the railway track. Parking is also paid 8 am-8 pm on weekdays and 8 am – 6 pm on Saturdays, but is a bit cheaper:

  • 5 PLN for the first hour
  • 6 PLN for the second hour
  • 6,9 PLN for the third hour
  • 5 PLN each subsequent hour

The minimum payment is 1,2 PLN

Other parking zones

The last parking zone is divided into several subzones, but the parking fee is the same in each subzone. You only need to pay 8 am-8 pm on weekdays.

  • 3,5 PLN for the first hour
  • 4,2 PLN for the second hour
  • 4,9 PLN for the third hour
  • 3,5 PLN each subsequent hour
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The minimum payment is 0,8 PLN

You may find an interactive map of all zones here.

Making Payment

In Poznan, parking may be paid for in two ways:

In the parking machine

In the parking machine, you may pay with cash (coins only), card or Blik (money transfer supported by most Polish banks). In all cases, you need to enter your plate number. If you pay by card or Blik, you set the desired time first. and then pay. If you pay with cash, you insert coins until you reach the desired parking time. You may extend the parking time later, but you need to get to the car and grab a new ticket.

Remember to take the parking ticket and put it in the visible place in your car.

Using mobile App

There are four mobile Apps that you may use to pay for parking. Poznan accepts:

  • moBILET
  • mPay
  • AnyPark
  • Skycash

Paying with the App is convenient, as you may use the start/stop option or extend the parking time remotely. No matter which App you use, you need to register, input your car details and connect your bank card. Remember to choose the correct zone.

If you pay with the App, make sure you make the payment before you leave the car.

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Fines in Poznan Parking Zone

Failing to pay for parking or overstaying results in a fine of 200 PLN (150 PLN if paid within 7 days). Confusing the parking zone (paying a cheaper price) results in a fine of 150 PLN (100 PLN if paid within 7 days).

Park&Go parking

There are 9 Park&Go parking areas in Poznan, where you may leave your car for a flat fee of 3 PLN/hour. Thanks to the Apcoa Flow app available on Google Play, it is possible to check if there are free parking spaces available, reserve a space and pay for parking. Mobile payment with a phone is done by reading the license plate or QR code, and the driver easily enters and leaves the parking lot in the same way.

Out of the 9 Park&Go parking, the closest to the city centre are Park&Go Stare Miasto (Chwaliszewo), Park&Go Krolowej Jadwigi (Maratonska) and Dolna Wilda.

You may find the location of all Park&Go parking on the map:

Other parking options in Poznan

There are two more places where you may park your car conveniently:

Stary Browar Shopping Mall

Stary Browar has 1000 parking slots. Up to 4 hours, the price is about 2,3 PLN/hour. Each subsequent hour costs 4 PLN

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Avenida Shopping Mall

This might not be the best place, as it’s about 25 minutes walking distance from the Poznan Market Square, but it offers 3 hours of parking for free, with each subsequent hour costing 7-8 PLN

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