Warsaw Clean Transport Zone 

written by Maciek Bogdanski

1 July 2024 was a historical date for Poland, as on that day the first Clean Transport Zone started operating in Warsaw.

It covers most of the city centre and parts of the surrounding districts. In this area, the entry of vehicles emitting the most toxic exhaust fumes is restricted. This will reduce air pollution in the city and improve the health of its inhabitants.

What cars cannot enter the zone?

As this is the first zone in Poland, the rules are not very strict, and most cars will meet the requirements. Those cars are forbidden to enter:

  • petrol engine vehicles (including LPG) older than 27 years or not meeting the Euro 2 standard
  • diesel engine vehicles (including LPG) older than 19 years or not meeting the Euro 4 standard

If you are not sure if your car is allowed to enter, you may check it on the dedicated website of the Warsaw Low Emission Zone.

If a car meets the Zone’s basic requirements, it does not need a sticker. The entry of such cars does not have to be notified anywhere.

For the first 3.5 years, residents of the capital (registered persons) who settle their taxes here will be exempt. The requirements will therefore only apply to 3 per cent of vehicles in Warsaw.

Veturilo - public bike system in Warsaw
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Seniors (70 years of age or older by 31 December 2023) and people with disabilities (European parking card holders) will be exempt indefinitely, as confirmed by a special sticker (but there are no fines for not having the sticker yet). Such persons do not have to be residents of Warsaw and settle their taxes in Warsaw at the same time.

Where is the zone located?

In total, the Warsaw Clean Transport Zone covers an area of 37 square kilometres, (7 per cent of the capital’s area). The boundary streets are located outside the Zone. You may check the exact location on the interactive map.

Location of the Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw
Location of the Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw


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