Kornik Castle and arboretum

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Kornik is a small city located in central Poland, about 25 km south of Poznan. It is famous for a historical Kornik castle that was built here in the XIVth century. It is definitely worth a one-day trip from Poznan.

Getting from Poznan to Kornik

Kornik is just about half an hour’s drive from Poznan, so it’s easiest if you have your car or rent one. It is then possible to go an extra mile to see other places: Zaniemysl or Rogalin. But even if you have to rely on public transport, it is still possible to visit Kornik

Regular buses go from Poznan to Kornik from the main Bus Station and Pleszewska Street. The trip lasts about 25–35 minutes – depending on the carrier – and costs about 6 PLN. If you plan to come back to Poznan on the same day, remember that the last return bus leaves Kornik to Poznan at about 9 pm.

You can also get to Kornik by train. Regional trains leave Poznan to Kornik more or less every hour from Poznan Main Train Station. The trip lasts about 20 minutes, and the ticket costs about 7 PLN. The last train leaves Kornik back to Poznan just before 10 pm.

Places to see in Kornik

Kornik castle

The most important place to see in Kornik is the castle. It was built in the XIVth century, and rebuilt in the XIXth century. It now houses Kornik Library and museum, where you may see historic furniture, paintings, sculptures and other collections. One of the rooms is supposed to have been inspired by Spanish Alhambra.

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Castle in Kornik
Kornik castle in Poland

Kornik Castle Museum opening hours

Kornik Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6 pm (7pm May to September). It is closed 17 to 31th of December and on some public holidays.

Kornik Museum tickets

Ticket price to Kornik museum costs 24 PLN (12 PLN reduced price). Guide (English or German) costs 120 PLN but needs to be requested in a week advance by email: rezerwacja.bk@bk.pan.pl

You may also download free App: Zamek w Korniku or rent audio guide (10 PLN). You have to wear earphones to use both of them (may be bought at the museum).

Kornik Arboretum

Arboretum in Kornik was set up in years 1826-1880 and is the oldest arboretum in Poland, and one of the oldest in Europe. More than 3000 species of trees are now kept in the arboretum, and there is an educational path “Drzewa Swiata” that leads you around the park. Except for the trees, the park in Kornik offers also a great view of the castle.

Arboretum in Kornik Poland
Arboretum in Kornik

Kornik Arboretum opening hours

Kornik Arboretum is open every day except Mondays. Working hours depend on the season:

Kornik Arboretum Opening Hours

May-June10 am - 7 pm
April, July-September10 am - 6 pm
October10 am - 5 pm
November-March10 am - 4 pm
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Kornik Arboretum Tickets

Tickets to Kornik Arobretum cost 10 PLN. Family ticket (2 adults + up to 5 children) costs 20 PLN. English guide is available if asked in advance (+5 PLN/person, minimum 75 PLN)


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