• Best time to visit Poland

    by mbogda

    Generally, Poland has a continental climate with very cold winters and warm summers. Best time to visit Poland differs depending on what region of Poland you plan to visit, and what you plan to do.

  • Top things to do in Torun

    by mbogda

    Among the top things to see in Torun there are little that relate to those times. This is due to Mikolaj Kopernik, the most famous Polish Astronomer, who was born in Torun in 1473.

  • Although Bydgoszcz and Torun are very close to each other and share some history, Torun was always considered more interesting than Bydgoszcz. Bydgoszcz simply lacked what its rival has: Old Town that survived the war and world-famous person – Nicolaus Copernicus to be associated with.

  • Top things to do in Lodz

    by mbogda

    t’s often overlooked by tourists coming to Poland. Lodz, despite its history looking back as far as 14th century, has no medieval monuments, churches or buildings. There are, however, other interesting buildings among top things to see in Lodz – those are the remaining witness of the Second Industrial Revolution.

  • Biebrzanski National Park

    by mbogda

    Biebrzanski National Park is one of the four National Parks located in the North-East of Poland, in Podlaskie province. It is famous for being bird sanctuary and for the swamps that cover the area.

  • Having conquered Poland in 1939, Hitler already had a plan to conquer USSR on his mind as well. To help him realise this plan, he needed a headquarter close to the USSR border, so that he could efficiently manage the Germany-Russia war. This is when German eyes turned to Prussia, a region that was inhabited mainly by Germans before the Second World War broke out, and the Wolf’s Lair started to be constructed in Gierloz

  • Biskupin is a small village between Poznan and Bydgoszcz. In 1933 Polish archaeologist discovered the remains of a settlement, which turned out to be a settlement of the Biskupin group of the Lusatian culture dated back to the 8th century. It is the best-preserved and one of the most important archaeological sites in Poland.

  • Kornik is a small city located about 25 km south of Poznan. It is famous for a historial castle that was built here in the XIVth century. It is definitely worth a one-day trip from Poznan.

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