Poznan transportation

  • Parking in Poznan

    by mbogda

    Parking in Poznan involves paying a fee. Check where Poznan parking zones are, what are the fees and when you don’t need to pay for parking

  • Public transport in Poznan

    by mbogda

    Public transport in Poznan relies mainly on trams and buses, with trams being the primary means of transport, and buses having the supplementary role. This often means that you need to change from bus to tram at some stage of your trip.

  • Poznan Airport (Lawica Airport) is located about 7 kilometres west of Poznan city centre. This is the only airport near Poznan, and although it’s not the biggest airport in Poland, it has been serving more and more passengers every year.  It is conveniently connected with the old town by public transport, but you need to change from bus to tram on the way.