Wolin Island in Poland

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Wolin Island is the biggest island that belongs to Poland. It is located 50 km north of Szczecin, and river Swina separates it from Usedom Island – which mostly belongs to Germany.

About half of Island’s area is protected by Wolinski National Park. The natural environment of the Island is very diversified: marshy areas in the south, lowlands, forests, as well as moraine hills (the Wolin Range with the culmination of Grzywacz – 116 m above sea level, the highest point of the island) and a cliff coast – the highest in Poland – about 80 m and stretching for 15 km, from Miedzyzdroje to Swieta Kepa.

Things to do in Wolin Island

Wolin Island is a very popular summer destination in Poland. This is mainly due to the large area of sandy beaches that stretches along the northern side. But there is more to see on Wolin Island, than just beaches. Below you’ll find information on the best things to do in Wolin Island.


Miedzyzdroje is the most popular town on the Wolin Island, particularly in summer.

The town’s tourist attractions include its over 300 meters long pier, sandy beaches, hills in the Wolin range, proximity to the Wolin National Park, and historic buildings the Park in the coastal part of the town.

Krzyztopor Castle in Poland
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Wolinski National Park

Cliffs and hills

The highest active cliffs reach a height of 95 m. Abrasion of the cliff shoreline shifts the shoreline by about 80 cm every year. The hills, which occupy about 75 percent of the park’s area, reach their highest height – 115.9 metres above sea level – in the Grzywacz culmination.

Swina Delta

Second, in terms of area covered, is the landscape of the Swina Delta with its dozens of marshy islands separated by the numerous channels of the Swina Strait. In this area, the process of its formation is also constantly active – the bottom configuration changes every year, new shallows and islets are created. The third type of landscape is the lake district with post-glacial lakes, eskers and kemes (Warnowo area). A small part of the Park is occupied by a vast area of sand (Wapnica-Karnocice).

Swine Delta in Wolin Island
Swine Delta in Wolin Island

Postglacial lakes

In the eastern part of the park, near Warnowo and Wisełka, there are postglacial lakes: Warnowo Zachodnie, Warnowo Wschodnie, Lake Czajcze, Lake Domysłowskie, Zatorek and Wisełka. Within moraine hills, there are artificial lakes: Turquoise Lake, Stara Kredownia (near Wapnica) and Gardno Lake.

Postglacial lake - Turquoise Lake
Postglacial lake – Turquoise Lake


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