Things to do in Miedzyzdroje

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Miedzyzdroje is the most popular town on the Wolin Island, particularly in summer.

The town’s tourist attractions include its over 300 meters long pier, sandy beaches, hills in the Wolin range, proximity to the Wolin National Park, and historic buildings of the Park in the coastal part of the town.

The most popular things to do in Miedzyzdroje are:

Miedzyzdroje Walk of Fame

The Miedzyzdroje Walk of Fame was initiated in 1996, during the Stars Festival. It was then, that the first well-known personalities of the Polish cultural scene were invited to imprint their hands on commemorative plaques. Since then, over 160 renowned Polish artists left their handprints in Miedzyzdroje. Although you won’t have heard about most of them, you surely know names like Kieslowski, Polanski, Wajda or Zanussi.

Roman Polanski's hand in Miedzyzdroje Walk of Fame
Roman Polanski’s hand in Miedzyzdroje Walk of Fame

A 395-metre-long pier

The pier serves both as a walking area and a marina from where cruises to Swinoujście and the German harbours of Usedom set off. The first short pier was built in this place in 1885, and it was soon replaced by a 300 meters long pier. It was destroyed by German troops during the I World War, to prevent Russian troops use it to invade the city. It was rebuilt in 1920 and stood until 1954, when it was destroyed by the storm. The now-existing pier was finished in 2004.

Wolin Island in Poland
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Entrance to the pier in Miedzyzdroje
Entrance to the pier in Miedzyzdroje

It is windy on the pier, so watch out for your hat!

Miedzyzdroje Oceanarium

The Oceanarium consists of three floors and nearly 3,000 square meters. You will find hundreds of colourful fish and aquatic organisms, among them Nemo (or clownfish), piranhas, and even a small shark. In addition, on the top floor of the oceanarium in Międzyzdroje, there is an interactive room with touch screens, models, and a playground and playroom for the youngest.

Oceanarium in Miedzyzdroje
Oceanarium in Miedzyzdroje

All this is located in a modern and comfortable facility, which is easy to navigate even with a pram. In the Miedzyzdroje Oceanarium you’ll also find a café where during the summer numerous events are organized.

Wolin National Park

The facilities of the Wolin National Park closest to Miedzyzdroje are Bison show enclosure and Natural History Museum with live eagles in aviaries,

Miedzyzdroje viewpoints


Kawcza Mountain is 61 meters high, located about 500 meters north of Miedzyzdroje. It may be accessed by a black walking route. There are also stairs ascending the mountain from the beach, but they are often closed for maintenance.


Gosan mountain is located about 2 kilometers further north-east and may be accessed only by the path from the car park by the road to Miedzywodzie. It is 93 meters high, and it is a former military observation point.

Miedzyzdroje Beach

Miedzyzdroje beach goes along the whole city, with a short closed area close to the pier. It is very, very popular among tourists, and it is very, very crowded. There are several entries to the beach, if you want to have bars nearby, choose the entry by the pier, as most gastronomy is located there.

Biskupin settlement, the oldest archaeological site in Poland
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Crowded Miedzyzdroje Beach
Crowded Miedzyzdroje Beach
Nudist Beach in Miedzyzdroje

If the central beach in Miedzyzdroje is too crowded for you, and you dare to bare, there is a nudist beach about 3 kilometers west from the pier. If you don’t want to walk, there is a small hidden forest parking about 200 meters just after Lubiewo train station.


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