Buses in Poland

written by Maciek Bogdanski

Travelling by buses in Poland

Travelling by buses in Poland is not as comfortable and fast as travelling by train, but is significantly cheaper. In some regions, we are still waiting for highways to be built. This will increase the overall bus speed and make it more competitive in comparison to trains.

There are several bus companies that offer long-distance national or international buses. Furthermore, many regions have their local buses or minibuses that carry passengers between big cities and regions around.

You can easily find bus schedules on Omio website.

Long-distance bus companies in Poland


This is the most popular long-distance bus, that took over PolskiBus a couple of years ago. Its buses are quite comfortable compared to other buses, but are still much less comfortable compared to trains. Although there is Wi-Fi, electricity and a toilet inside (its standard is only acceptable at the beginning of the journey), there is not a lot of space for your legs and hand-luggage. There are over a hundred routes, and the prices usually start from 10-50 PLN, depending on the route, and rise as the time of departure nears, and tickets are closing to be sold out.

Flixbus buses in Poland
Flixbus buses in Poland

Going with Flixbus, you need to board the bus exactly at the station indicated on the ticket, even if there are more stops in the city. Furthermore, you need to carry your ID on international routes. In theory, you are allowed to carry one checked-in baggage, but nobody checks it. You also don’t receive any proof that you actually put your baggage on the bus, so always keep your valuables with you.

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There are many smaller companies that cooperate with Flixbus, so sometimes even when you have booked your Flixbus ticket, another company’s bus arrives, with Flixbus logo only.


SuperPKS is another company that offers comfortable buses, but it operates within Poland only. The standard of its buses and duration of travel is comparable with those of Flixbus. Prices also depend on demand, so the earlier you plan your trip, the less will the ticket cost. Unfortunately, they don’t have an English website so unless you speak Polish you need to use a translator or download their App.

Map of SuperPKS buses in Poland
Map of SuperPKS buses in Poland

Where to find cheap bus tickets in Poland

There are several websites, where you can compare prices of all trains and buses in Poland. Check Omio or e-podroznik to find the best price for your route.


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