Coronavirus in Poland

by Maciek Bogdanski

Updated info on coronavirus situation in Poland – 15th of May 2021

We are now on a way to get out of coronavirus crisis. At last, we don’t need to wear masks outdoor, we need to wear them if we enter public transport or shops, though. From 5th of July travels will be made easier, as there will be less severe limit on public transport capacity.

Restaurants are expected to fully open od 28th of May. Also, fitness clubs and swimming pool may open on that day.

Updated info on coronavirus situation in Poland – 7th of May 2021

The government has announced, that some restrictions will be temporarily loosened. The most important are:

  • Museums may now open
  • Starting from tomorrow (8th of May), hotels may receive guests in 50% of their rooms
  • Starting from the 15th of May restaurants may serve food at the tables outside. From the 29th of May, restaurants may serve food inside
  • From the 15th of May, you don’t need to wear a mask outside
  • From 29th of May swimming pools and aquaparks will open

Updated info on coronavirus situation in Poland – 24th of April 2021

Like in the whole Europe, we now have a second wave of coronavirus. In its worst moments, in Poland, we had about 30 thousand coronavirus cases daily. Now it is much better, but still, it’s about 10 thousand cases per day. In the whole Poland, restrictions have been imposed, but in some regions, there have been recently some relieves.

Christmas Market in Szczecin 2023
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What restrictions apply in Poland?

The most notable restriction is that in public places: streets, shops, buses/trams, cinemas, theathres, churches and almost every other public place you need to wear mask covering your mouth and nose. It can’t be anything else (ie scarf), it needs to be a mask (there are no requirements concerning its permeability, though.

You don’t need to wear a mask in woods, beaches, parks or in private cars

Who needs quarantine in Poland?

If you come from Schengen Zone, you need to serve quarantine (10 days) unless you provide a negative PCR or antigen test result, and the test was taken no more than 48h before entering Poland. If you are ordered a quarantine, you may decide to take a test in Poland – a negative result will end your quarantine.

If you come from outside Schengen Zone providing a result of the test taken in a home country will not let you avoid quarantine. You need to take a test in Poland.

Whether you come from Schengen or not, you don’t need to be quarantined if you provide proof of vaccination with a vaccine that was allowed to be used in the EU – so far Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson, Astra-Zeneca or Moderna

Who needs isolation in Poland?

If you received a positive Coronaviru test, you are automatically set on isolation. Every person, that lives in the same apartament is ordered a quarantine, that last 7 days longer than the isolation of the person who had positive test result.

Miedzyzdroje and Wolin Island
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What quarantine and isolation look like?

During quarantine/isolation you can’t leave your apartment, unless you need to see a doctor. Polish people on quarantine need to install phone app and sent pictures twice a day proving they are at home. Also, the Police may pay you a visit to see if you are where you should be. Leaving your home during quarantine/isolation may cost 30 000 PLN (about 7 500 EUR).

What is closed and what is open in Poland?

Well, if you come to Poland as a tourist, we don’t have good news for you.

  • As for now, almost everything in Poland is closed, including hotels, restaurants, museums and cinemas.
  • All hotels are closed. Some try to convert into health resorts and stay open regardless of the restrictions. It is possible to rent an apartment for a short time visit.
  • Restaurants work only for take away orders
  • Most of the large shops are also closed
  • Public transport is limited
  • You cannot meet in a group of more than 5 people

Most of the events has been cancelled, but we hope that in the summer the restrictions will be loosened.

Coronavirus in Poland
Coronavirus in Poland

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